Swayzee Tenderloins

Hand-Cut, Hand Breaded, Always Delicious.

Enjoy them by the pound, get them spicy hot.

Sell them for your next fundraising event.

Testimonials from our Facebook Page

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“Best people own this store! If you can’t cook like me they will even give you directions on how to cook the meat!!!”

Heather – 5 Stars

“Best tenderloins around! Finally got some in Florida and they’re about gone! Can’t wait til we can get them all the time! Can’t go wrong with these hand breaded tenderloins! Love em!”

Sandy – 5 Stars

“Bought 10 Tenderloins last week and They are Awesome The Taste was Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Phillip – 5 Stars

"I want one. I need one!"